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Companion Illustrations

In the 1960s, for the Guide to the New Mexico Mountains, Dr. Herbert Ungnade created illustrations of ridge lines, maps, and depictions of petroglyphs. From the 1940s through his untimely death in 1965, Dr. Ungnade hiked extensively in the southwest mountains and was intensely interested in providing information for fellow hikers. He kept index cards with detailed trail routes along with sketches of petroglyphs left by Puebloan people and created ink on onion skin illustrations as he wrote the guidebook. Due to the format size of the first editions, his illustrations were small and the details of his drawings could not be seen. As a companion to the 50th Edition of the Guide, published in 2016 by his daughter Liesl Ungnade, all of Dr. Ungnade’s illustrations have been brought together into a life-size collection for the first time. Enjoy the artistry and hold a piece of history. Available for sale at the website Barnes and Noble. com starting February 12, 2020.

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