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Chupadera Mountain Trail; Great Views

In the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, the highest point is Chupadera Mountain, 6,272’/1912 m, accessible via the 9.5 mile/15 km Chupadera Mountain Trail. The mountain summit provides views of the Bosque from above, the stark contrast of a green Rio Grande in the wide open spaces of Chihuahuan Desert, and mountain ranges in all directions; the Magdalena, San Mateo, Oscura, and Fra Cristobal ranges are closest.

The Chupadera Mountain Trail is in one of three wilderness areas of the Bosque del Apache. The trail is a product of hard work and fund raising by a small group of people, the Friends of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Deb Davies, Deputy Manager of the Refuge, approached the Friends for help in raising money to buy a 140 acre parcel of property that was once a part of the Pedro Armendaris Land Grant. Ms. Davies unfortunately passed away in 2006, but the Friends raised approximately $63,000.00, and together with resources from the Deb Davies Memorial Fund purchased the land in 2007 for the Refuge. To reach the trailhead, take exit 139 on Interstate 25, 8 miles/13 km south of Socorro. Turn east 0.25 miles/

0.4 km to US Hwy 380. At the flashing signal in San Antonio, turn south onto Old Highway 1 and drive 9 miles/14 kilometers to the Visitor Center for further information.

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