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Interesting Road to Capilla Peak Lookout

Yesterday was windy in the Manzano Mountains, but we took the forest road BO67 past the Manzano Crest North Trailhead and the New Canyon Campground to the "Narrow Steep Road" up toward Capilla Peak Observatory. The sign was right, as can be seen in the photo gallery; it's a one lane narrow road with fallen rocks. Evidence of the last large forest fire is everywhere with standing and down burned trees. The truck was parked on a turn out just below the ridgeline, and we walked on the ridge until deep snow prevented passage to the observatory. Views in all directions were fabulous, well worth the trip. Looking south toward the road, Manzano Peak is the high point of the photo and the mountain range. To the east, wind kicked up salt from the Estancia salt basins.

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