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There is now a Companion Illustrations book for the Guide which will be available on Barnes & Noble February 12, 2020.  Full of ridge drawings, maps, and carefully drawn petroglyphs, this new book is a great companion for any outing into the New Mexico Mountains.  Even though Dr. Ungnade made the drawings in the 1960s for the original edition of the Guide, many of  the drawings are still accurate

in the year 2020!

BookCompanion, Front Cover-jpg.jpg

Please note a correction:   page 298 of the book describes the rocks at City of Rocks State Park as "granite", they are actually composed of eroded volcanic ash.

Contributed by Betty and Eric Janes, 2016

October 7, 2017    BOOK SIGNING


New Mexico's Premiere

Folk Art Environment

12:00 to 4:00 pm

                               Great News -

The Catwalk in the Gila's White Canyon has re-opened after flood damages were repaired.

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